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            Stock Short Name:Hybio Pharmaceutical | Stock Exchange Code:300199


            AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition Nov 9-1...
            2009.3.18 Professor K.C.Nicolaou visited

            Company Profile


            Hybio is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of diverse peptide products. Founded in 1998, after over decades of effort, we have grown to be one of the largest and most professional peptide pharmaceutical company in China. We were one of the first to enter the peptide pharmaceutical industry in China, and we are the only one that has a full range of peptide products and services, including peptide finished dosage products, peptide API products, and peptide CRO&CMO services. Our peptide finished dosage is mainly sold in the domestic market, but some of our peptide APIs have been supplied to customers all over the world. Hybio is a GMP-approved pharmaceutical company. Our GMP plant in Shenzhen is a facility occupying an area of more than 1,5000 sq.m. It has been often audited and inspected by local/national s-FDA authorities and by clients all over the world.